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Ruen Urai Fine Thai Cuisine

( Post by Carlos Melia ) If you are looking for non pretentious, traditional, basic Thai Cuisine at it full expression and flavor, in an isolated but very convenient Soi of the district of Patpong, then let me highly recommend Ruen Urai, exotique, elegant and exquisite Thai experience. Friend and owner Tom Vitayakui, invited us to a Thai feast, where flavors, textures, colors, aromas were perfectly balanced and combined to compliment all senses and beyond.

Ruen Urai,  meaning “the House of Gold” is set in a century-old traditional Thai House built from golden teakwood, where you will savor their finest delicacies of Thai cuisine inspired by the herbal medicine doctor, the original proprietor of the house. The exotic ambience is both elegant and exquisite, perfect for either a romantic dinner or a private event on the second floor. Located right next to The Rose Hotel Bangkok, which by the way I must say it is a great tree-stars hotel with a fantastic price/value ratio.
My absolute favorite dishes, all combined and married in perfection with local Chenin Blanc wines, were the: Dtom Yum Ghoong spicy and sour soup with river prawns. Yum Som-O piquant pomelo salad with prawns. Ghai Yaang Dtakral grilled lemongrass infused chicken filets. Tung Tong golden mini parcels. Kratong Tong crispy cups filled with minced prawns. So get over the boring Pad Thai and try true tasty Thai food. Come to Ruen Urai and be ready to eat. @ Bon Appetit. Post by Carlos

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