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Ban Chiang Traditional THAI Cuisine in Silom

 ( Post by Carlos Melia ) Ban Chiang Traditional Thai Cuisine is a melting pot for the international crews of every single airline in the world, Ban Chiang is a charming Thai Restaurant where flavors, scents and great traditional Thai cuisine meet simile street food in style with excellent prices and atmosphere. Your choose, you ma seat outside or inside a typical Thai house, with tree floors and most important during this time of the year… air conditioning. Not local enough, but not touristic either, it is a great option for those looking for a first full Thai meal in Bangkok, without paying high prices. Located just behind the Holiday Inn hotel in the area of Silom.
The menu provides a good range of traditional Thai cuisine together with some inspired personal creations. Must try the Tom Yum soup, the Pomelo Salad and the Mango Salad. As main courses, all the curries are literally on fire, so if you do not like spicy food, make sure to let your waiter know in advance.  I will make sure to come back to Ban Chiang during my stay in Bangkok. (14 Soi Sri-Vieng, Surasak Road, Silom – Tel. 02-236-7045 ). Thank you Tomas and Vincent for sharing this place with me. Post by Carlos

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